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This site is a work in progress. I am exploring cosmetic surgery in Ireland very much like anyone else would who is thinking of having surgery and uses the internet as the first port of call for information. I have no medical qualifications and do my best to bring the information to you with the advice that you should seek a second opinion. As my banner says "If you don't look out for yourself why should I?" I really do ask you to care about yourself and ask for information before letting someone take a knife to your body.

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There are seriously qualified people available in Ireland so let's find them. I rarely take an aspro never mind visit a doctor so the qualifications of surgeons was not something I knew much about. As I've found out more about their training my respect has grown and I expect and hope that they can cope with us asking for information and waving our internet printouts at them. Is it possible that when it comes to the loft extension or a new central heating system we have a good idea what questions we need to be asking but are hesitant to do so when it comes to our bodies. Maybe we need to be as pragmatic and level headed when deciding on surgery although avoiding accepting the cheapest quote.

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Cosmetic Surgery Ireland

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