Rhinoplasty Procedure

You will have had your consultation with the best rhinoplasty surgeon, in the best clinic, studied the before and after photographs, rhinoplasty cost, and finally the day for surgery is here. Yourself and your surgeon have a plan of action and know what the desired result should look like. If you have followed all my points in Rhinoplasty Before and After you have a good idea of what is likely to happen and you have work and domestic arrangements sorted for a few weeks.

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Regardless of how you want your nose to look your surgeon's first priority is that after surgery your nose functions properly for the purpose for which it is intended i.e. breathing properly. There may be limitations for this reason on what can be done to your nose. There are two main types of procedure. One is where the surgeon makes incisions inside the nostrils and performs the operation from within the nose. The other is where they make an incision in the vertical strip between your nostrils and perform what is known as open rhinoplasty. The type you have will depend on the surgeon and the complexity of what has to be done.

On completion of the operation a splint will be put on your nose to help keep it in position and soft splints may be applied to keep your septum in place. Hence, you will most likely be breathing through your mouth for some time. If your eyesight is poor you will have to use contact lenses or tape your glasses to your forehead if that is possible. You will be discharged the same day or the morning after and will return home a little bruised and swollen thinking sod this 'no pain, no gain'. In a few months you will have recovered and have the nose of your dreams.

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