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So what will happen to you after your laser eye surgery? With PRK and Lasik there are some differences after the operation. It may be easier to focus on what both cosmetic treatments have in common first and cover the differences afterwards.

If you are following my advice from Pre Op Preparations and you have read Lasik or PRK procedures then you are well set and have plenty of things in place. So the situation is looking like this:

  • Adequate time booked off from work which means a day or two for Lasik and twice that amount at least for PRK.
  • All sporting activities are cancelled particularly full body contact sports.
  • You are planning to stay home quietly for a few days. Best to give yourself the time for your eyes to heal naturally and properly and you may feel like taking naps. The chance of a successful outcome is also in your hands. So be sensible. Yes you could regale people with tales of how you danced the night away straight after surgery but be careful that you don't leave yourself in a dark place needing corrective surgery several months down the line.
  • You have plenty of food and drink in the house so you do not have to venture out for a few days.
  • A friend there in the surgery ready to to get your pain killing prescription. It may take some time for the medicine to become active in your system so get it immediately. When you are in pain an hour could seem like a lifetime.
  • A friend there ready to drive you home or if it is a total secret then a taxi booked and confirmed and will stop off at the chemist while you pop in for your prescribed pain killers and eye drops.
  • You are geared up to keep the makeup off your eyes for at least a week and have put the old eye make up in the bin. You have a set of new eye make up ready to open after surgery. As you will guess this is to avoid any chance of infection.
  • After surgery your surgeon will advice you on drops and medication and no doubt you will be warned a lot about not rubbing your eyes till they have healed.
  • Expect to wear protective googles at night time so that you do not accidently rub your eyes while you sleep.
  • You are aware that you must avoid getting water in your eyes for a few days and so it might be best to have baths rather than showers and if you can it is best avoid washing your hair since it is a situation where you are more likely to get water in your eyes and end up rubbing or wiping them.
  • Now to the differences.
    Lasik eye surgery:
    Expect to see clearly the following morning.
    Use anti-inflammatory eye drops for one week if directed to do so.
    Wear darkened pair of shades to protect your eyes from bright lights.
    Best not to work for a day or two.

    PRK eye surgery:
    Vision will be blurry for 3/4 days till the skin layer of your cornea heals.
    Eye drops up to 6 months
    No driving for one week.
    You cannot work for 4 or 5 days.

    I wish you every success with your surgery and when you are up to it come back and tell me about it. We would all love to hear.

    © N.Kiernan August 2008

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