Laser Eye Surgery | Lasik Surgery & PRK Pre Op Preparation

Before the day arrives for your corrective eye surgery you need to create a written plan which you can check through before departing to your eye laser surgery clinic. Obviously you will not wear your contact lenses for the required length of time. You will avoid wearing make up near your eyes for a few days prior to surgery. Points to consider for the plan might be:

  • Booking a day or two off work to give yourself time to adapt and recover if you are having Lasik and twice as long if you are having PRK as it is a slower healing process.
  • You may decide to keep quiet or be low key about your surgery but maybe you need to share the news with one person that could accompany you to the clinic, wait while you have your surgery, look after your interests in the event of an emergency, pick up your prescription on the way home and drive you home. It is not a good idea to drive yourself home and may in fact be illegal.
  • If you are having PRK you may be advised not to drive for one week.

  • It is advisable to plan for someone to pick up your prescription immediately because it will take time for pain killers to take effect, as long as an hour, and you may really need them. So plan ahead.
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed so maybe have a nice present ready for them.
  • What is the backup plan if that friend is suddenly not able to help you?
  • What meal and drink will you have about an hour before surgery?
  • Have you got plenty of food in the house in case you do not feel like going out?
  • What loose fitting comfortable clothes could you wear?
  • Have you got your contract for the clinic ready to take with you?
  • Have you read the small print of your contract? For example if you turn up at the surgery and your agreed surgeon and equipment is not available what does it say in the small print about cancellation?
  • If your agreed surgeon is not available will you remember to check the registration, the qualifications and the experience of the replacement? Will you see them for post op check ups or if there are complications?
  • If you have private medical insurance have you got a copy of that contract?
  • If you had an unrelated medical emergency during surgery what hospital do you want to go to?

  • Does your private medical insurance cover you for this hospital?
  • Does the eye clinic have this information in writing from you?
  • Will you receive all the medicines necessary post surgery from the clinic or do you have to get your own prescriptions? If so how much will these prescriptions cost?
  • You may find a pair of sun glasses handy if you are not provided with special googles.
  • How and when do you pay your bill?
  • It is best not to wear eye make up for a week after surgery
  • Buy a new set of eye make up and keep it for post surgery so that you cut down the risk of eye infections.
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