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The Intralese femtosecond laser for eye surgery was one of the first bladeless lasers on the market. It is commonly referred to as Intralase or bladeless Lasik. This form of eye surgery has a two step procedure. The first step is to create the corneal flap which is usually created with a blade called a microkeratome. The second step is to reshape the eye with an excimer laser.

It definitely seems to be a more appealing form of eye surgery than having a blade near an eye. However, we must not forget to consider outcomes.

How different will Intralase eye surgery be?

  • It takes one to two minutes to create the flap with the IntraLase and take less than 30 seconds with the microkeratome. The suction ring is in place for longer which may lead to some discomfort.
  • Patients usually need stronger steroid drops for a longer period than those who opt for traditional Lasik eye surgery.
  • Will the results in vision be the same or better?
    A study reported in EyeWorld magazine suggests that fewer patients need retreatment because of the accuracy of the flap cutting with a femtosecond laser. Click on EyeWorld to read it.

    What Can Go Wrong With Femtosecond Bladeless Lasik?
    There is a syndrome commonly known as Transient Light Sensitivity (TLS). It may not occur till five or six weeks after the eye operation. The patient becomes extremely sensitive to light, vision remains good and there is nothing wrong with the eye that is obvious even to an eye surgeon. The patient may not be able to see to drive at night or watch television without experiencing extreme pain. It is not thought to be a permanent situation and can be treated with medication. Other names for this syndrome are simply photophobia, Good Acuity Plus Photosensitivity (GAPP) and Track Related Iridocyclitis and Scleritis (TRISC).

    About Intralase
    ItraLase is a US corporation and has now merged with Advanced Medical Optics (AMO). On their site you can read about the certification and training that is available for surgeons using this laser by clicking Certification For Surgeons and there is also Technician Certification.

    Further Reading About Eye Surgery
    You can read in more detail about bladeless eye surgery by femtosecond laser at Bladeless Eye Surgery or about another form that is also bladeless but uses alcohol by clicking LASEK. If you decide to proceed with eye surgery you may like to read more about the subject in general and consider your surgeon's qualifications by starting here.

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