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Lasek is a similar procedure to Lasik eye surgery with one major difference in that a microkeratome is not used. Lasek stands for laser epithelial keratomileusis and in this procedure alcohol is used on the surface corneal layer which is peeled back and the eye is treated with an excimer laser to reshape your eye just as in Lasik. So there is no flap cutting and the corneal layer grows back naturally as in PRK. However it is less painful afterwards than PRK and you should make a faster recovery. Lasek is suitable for the treatment of low to moderate myopia or what is commonly called near sightedness.

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You need to prepare in advance and be as careful choosing your surgeon and equipment as in Lasik and PRK. I've written extensively about preparations for eye surgery and if you go to Laser Eye Surgery Start Here you can read through it. You can read about the PRK procedure at PRK Eye Surgery Procedure and about Lasik at Lasik Surgery Procedure.

Of course you might like to explore another form of bladeless surgery by femtosecond laser by clicking here.

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