Face Lift Surgery | Rhytidectomy

Where do you find face lift surgeons? They are also known as rhytidectomy plastic surgeons. Rhytidectomy comes from the Greek: rhutis, rhutid-, wrinkle + ectomy and so literally means the surgical removal of wrinkles. It is the redraping of your skin on your face and neck and removal of the excess to give a smoother complexion. It sounds like it is not the easiest operation. Would you not take a trip to Lourdes and pray for a miracle instead? Maybe you would prefer the new alternative which is Stonehenge. Today, the 22nd September 2008, Professors Geoffrey Wainwright and Timothy Darvill stated their theory that the stones were built as part of a belief in a healing process and that Stonehenge was a kind of primeval Lourdes which drew prehistoric pilgrims from around Europe.

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Well if you are still going to have the surgery you can include the tightening of underlying tissues and is sometimes carried out in conjunction with blepharoplasty on the eyelids.

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