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I will add links to reports of surgery gone wrong as and when I find them. We need to be more careful and remember our natural instinct is not to allow someone to come at us with a knife. So before you willingly lie down and have a cosmetic procedure take the time to check exactly the who, where, why and how of the situation and avoid spending the rest of your life licking your wounds. Act in your own best interests. If you don't look out for yourself why should I?

Gastric Band Surgery Gone Wrong
In June 2008 The Independent site carried a story on a Mrs Reid of Co. Wicklow who died after having gastric band surgery. It highlights the fact that we should involve our doctor in our decisions about surgery because her doctor would have advised against it because she suffered from asthma. The surgical staff were Paris based and you can read the full story here.

Facelift Surgery Gone Wrong
On the BAAPS website for the 14th August 2008 there is a sad tale of a woman going to Prague, finding she was not expected, but proceeded with the operation partly because she felt vulnerable and intimidated. Her face is now lopsided. Read the full story at British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Read about surgeon qualifications and associations here.

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Cosmetic Surgery Ireland

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