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How do you find top surgeons or specialist surgeons in Ireland for Cosmetic Surgery? Ireland is a small country and you might expect it to be easy but I'm finding it isn't although I believe specialist surgeons are there in abundance. Yes, these specialists can bleat that people are risking their lives and going abroad for holiday surgery and say they are not allowed to advertise. I don't want them tripping across my television screen singing 'The first cut is the deepest.' but I would like to have easy accessible information. There is nothing that I can see stopping them from giving it to me. If you go to the opening page of this site maybe you too will appreciate the irony that my first line of text on this website is "What is the new growth industry of the Celtic Tiger?" Our education system and ability to master modern technology contributed to the success we have had so far.

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Aesthetic surgery is large growth industry and it would be great if the health authorities take a proper interest in it and deliver websites with verified and detailed information. In the absence of that it would be wonderful if the bodies and associations of the various branches of medicine could fill the gap. People are searching on the web and they are sometimes wanting to find the top rhinoplasty surgeon in Ireland or the top laser eye surgeon and quite rightly they expect to find excellent people within the country. When they go abroad for surgery I expect that they are mainly thinking of cost and not considering that post surgery they may desire a darkened room and a short journey home more than sun, sea, sand and several hours flight.

I could create a website for this information. I could do it but my fear is that this needs tighter control so that only the properly qualified appear on it and that as a patient I would have the peace of mind knowing that I have not got a bogus doctor or surgeon. There is a bogus one out there somewhere. They have practiced long and hard on a dolly with an office paper knife or guillotine and now suitably attired are approaching a bed right now. Will they approach your bed? Only if you let them. You have not got time to check I hear you say. Well if it all goes wrong you will have plenty of time afterwards to squint through legal websites and text books and seek advice either and dither across the globe. If you don't survive the event your only option will be to haunt them. So don't be so stupid. Get a grip before lying down for someone to take a knife to you and check out their credentials, experience and equipment.

Treat it the same as having the builders in and ask the hard questions. So if the floor screeder was coming in to lay the kitchen floor you might ask them when they last had their laser level calibrated. Why not a similar question for your laser eye surgeon? A laser is a mechanical piece of equipment after all. Not suggesting you get the floor screeder to do your eyes. Project manage your cosmetic surgery event and get the information together and talk to your doctor. Include your doctor from the beginning because you could well need them afterwards and they are well informed and a good source of impartial advice. If you know your doctor would not be in agreement why are you proceeding with this surgery? A house can be rebuilt but maybe your body can't. You can read about some sad situations at Surgery Gone Wrong.You can also read about the long years of study undertaken by Irish surgeons in order to qualify at Medical Qualifications.Remember if you don't look out for yourself why should I?
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What information do we want from specialist surgeons?

Let's look at what we have from the Medical Council already. I want to find find a specialist eye surgeon for example and I do a search and turf up on Medical Council/Education/Specialists page and it has lots of information about registration. I then click on their Registration Check page which talks about special registration but gives me the option to check for a doctor if I already know the name or registration number of one. I can understand that all specialists have to qualify as doctors but maybe I need detailed information on a specialist eye surgeon with experience in Lasik eye surgery or femtosecond bladeless Lasik and I am not getting much information there. I see that The Register of Medical Specialists was established, pursuant to section 30, in 1997 and click on that link and I end up back where I started. Am I the only person that would find this worse than useless? The Medical Council seems to have completely lost sight of its clients. We don't seem to exist.

I would like a Medical Council controlled database giving me chapter and verse on peoples training and qualifications with a link to a page on their professional association where I can get more information. The best example I found for this type of information is the website of Professor Ram S Dhillon in the UK. This gives me nearly all the information I need even details of his professional indemnity. I would fault it for the tiny font and limited information on laser equipment. I know what he looks like and I can cross check his medical qualifications. If that page were part of ENTUK I would be even more pleased since that is the website of ENT professional body in the UK. Going back to the small print I wonder why official and semi official bodies insist on giving us information in small print. I cannot see any rhyme or reason for it. I need to be able to scan a document quickly and decide if it is for me but this tiny print renders that impossible.

I have read that there are 37 qualified plastic surgeons in Ireland and I can find them to a certain extent on the Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons site under name, city or area of interest if I fill in the boxes. It would be wonderful to pull up a page with links to the profile pages of all these people so I could quickly cut through it and find what I want. A pdf document would be an excellent alternative and with a decent size font and photographs. I know that some these surgeons don't just have bags under their eyes but overflowing luggage racks and that is fine. I'm not interested in their beauty and just want to make sure that I have the right man or woman. Those in this bracket set a great example in so far as they show us that real achievement and success breeds inner confidence and maybe instead of being their client we would be better off taking a leaf out of their book and applying ourselves to something that would in the long term improve our self esteem.

In the meantime I can refer you to UNOFFICIAL but terrific lists. The beauty of these lists is that they are split into 34 areas of medicine and in alphabetical order by county. OK they are terrific but not perfect. More like finding a tiny pond in a desert. Tiny font and no email addresses and no profile pages to link to because none seem to exist. So you may have to check with the surgeon or cross check with the Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons that they do cosmetic surgery and check with the Medical Council, if you can, that they are properly registered. Beggars cannot be choosers. We have the US Embassy in Dublin to thank for these lists. You can access them here US Embassy Medical Information.

I almost forgot there is a quite a good resource which is the Irish Hospitals Consultants Association and you can generate some lists if you go to their site by clicking on ICHA. Same complaints as before about tiny fonts, and lack of proper profiles and I have not noticed any contact details. I expect someone will make me eat humble pie and tell me if I clicked button X I could have got Y.

I found out that there is a European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgeons EAFPS website which has a find a surgeon facility, one of those awful drop down box affairs, and there are nine surgeons listed for Ireland. What their individual areas of expertise are is a well kept secret. Their email addresses are given so you can write to them individually.

In conclusion can I say to medical people of Ireland that you seem to have terrific training, qualifications and expertise and I would love to see you communicate more with us your clients. We have found the internet and will increasingly have you cringing when we turn up with our print outs. Could you catch the tail of the Celtic Tiger and use the internet and information technology too?

Cosmetic Surgery Ireland

© N.Kiernan August 2008

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